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My Tarot Trump: The High Priestess
By *StarShadow*

This is *StarShadow*, aka James. I'm a regular at Salem Tarot Page ... sort-of-kind-of. I haunt the Journal & Chat Room now & again, but with none of my old valor. I've been a Witch since the cradle, but only discovered Wicca in the last few years. I enjoy a special relationship with the Moon and my herb garden. I use the Goddess Tarot for the majority of my readings.

I am a Boy, a Child. I don't like my age, but it's the cold truth that no spell can change it (not truthfully and permanently anyway.) But I have an old soul.

I was raised by my Mother & Sister ... I am a product of Women (and damn proud of it!). Over the years I delved into more Feminine Mysteries (I was the only kindergardner who knew what a “Clitoris” was). I've communed with many Goddesses over the years as well.

Perhaps above all, I am misunderstood. People who barely know me tend to pass me off as a “Gay,” “Nerd,” or just plain “Weird.” I don't care. The Crafts I practice are done in secret, like most other things about me. A very few select bosom-buddies know of my energies and attributes, and I would give my life for any of them in a heart-beat. They're lucky.

So if you haven't already guessed, the card I identify with is Wisdom/Sarasvati, commonly called the High Priestess. She is the Virgin Daughter, the Moon Goddess of Femininity & Mystery. In the Wisdom card, Sarasvati sits on a lotus, floating in blue waters. She shimmers in a golden light and smiles all-knowingly. In her hands [four of them] she holds a Book, a necklace of beads, and a Sitar across her lap. Around the border of the card, swans & ducks dance & swirl gracefully.

The Book: I love books, plain and simple. Due to my Virgoan nature, I have an inclination to learn, to find things that I can do and practice. Spellbooks spill off my shelves, how-to-do magazines provide a resting place for the cats. I soak in all I can, and dash off to do it. And I hardly ever forget ... the knowledge I glean stays deep within me. I could tell you 5 goddesses that represent anything you say in 5 minutes. Hah. Uggh...that was conceited..sorry.

The Sitar: I come from a long line of Artists. Most of my uncles & grandparents are musicians [the Harmonica, Piano, & Banjo are the highlights of our talents]. My sister is a Writer, my mother a gardener & sketch-artist. I myself am an Herb-gardener, Poet, Pianist, and sketch-artist.

Not included in the card is the element of the Moon. She represents dreaming, fine-arts, Feminine Mysteries, and all elements of the Wisdom/Sarasvati/High Priestess card. She is also my surrogate Mother, my Guide and my Charge.

I record my Dreams & learn from them. I have since I was a Child ... not knowing why, but I would make a note of them & study them religiously. I do so now; I've found that I dream most, and most Positively, during the Waxing/Full Moon. That's common knowledge, but it has special importance to me.

So the II. Wisdom/Sarasvati card is me, & I am Her [though I'm a boy]. I hope this helps the future generation of Tarot-Readers, Witches, and Pagans who are searching on their path. Blessed Be.

Brightest of Blessings, *StarShadow*
>> James

P.S. Oh, & I love Tori Amos \m/ Heh.



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