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Below is your spell for today. The Spell of the Day cannot be bookmarked, so you may want to either print or save as a document the contents of this page. Each of these functions is available in your Web browser's file menu. Enjoy today's spell, and remember—the magic is within you.

The Spell

A Token for Expelling Negativity.

To make a portable tool for expelling negativity, begin by dabbing your pulse points and chakras with a mixture of powdered cloves and lemon oil. This opens the avenue for spiritual purification. Next, take a small, square black cloth and a slightly larger white cloth. Hold the black cloth with both hands. Visualize the habit you are trying to banish as black sludge coming out of your pores and being absorbed by the cloth.

Once you feel the negativity has been discharged, take the white cloth in hand saying six times, "This is the light of protection, of purity. As it covers the darkness, so it brings safety to me." As you speak these words, imagine a blinding white light pouring into the cloth. Lay out the black swatch, place some pine needles and frankincense bits on it, and then put the white one over it. Carefully bundle the two together so that no portion of the black can be seen. Carry the token with you to expel negativity wherever you are.

General Uses

Expelling negative energies or spirits. Turning malevolent magic. Ridding oneself of obsessions, addictions, and phobias.


The light of day, specifically dawn. The months of January, July, and October. When the moon is in Aries, Gemini, or Sagittarius. During a blue moon. On your birthday or dates with special meaning.

What are Spells?
From a religious standpoint, spells are a means of communicating with deity.
They are prayers to the God and Goddess, to the One, to Spirit, or whatever
form deity takes to each person. From a practical standpoint, spells are a
proven way to manipulate psychic energy to work for specific purposes as
outlined in the details of the particular spell. Like recipes, they are exchanged
and altered to suit the taste of each person who utilizes them. They are
colored by the personalities of the people who work them. Spells can take
many forms; some spells are simply thoughts and meditations. Other magic
spells, like the ones provided here, have many ingredients in them that allow
the practitioner to ease into the mindset of the spell and focus energy on the
desired outcome. The magic of the spell is enhanced and supported by the
physical actions taken, words spoken, herbs carried, incense burned, candles
lit, and many other methods used by Witches to reinforce their Wills.

The stereotype of Witches cursing or hexing people evolved out of fear of
the unknown, and the negative connotations associated with spellcasting
have been perpetuated by religious groups and movies depicting Witches as
evil, devil worshiping, malevolent magic makers. Spells are not necessarily
"Good" or "Evil" in nature. Spells are what you make them! Don't be fooled
by the name of a spell: a "Love Spell" that forces the emotion on an unwilling
person is manipulative, and will surely backfire. The Karmic Rule applies:
spells worked with the permission of everyone involved and for the good of
all bring benefits, while spells of a manipulative nature bring the invested
intent into the life of the person who sought to cause the harm. Love spells,
while seemingly harmless, can actually bend the will of the target. How would
you feel if you were forced to do something against your Will? We advise
that you keep this in mind before attempting manipulative magic on anyone.


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