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The Empress

The Empress is the fourth card in the Major Arcana, and is given the number three to signify many forms of fertility, including the reproduction that comes from human partnership. She, like the planet Venus whose symbol adorns her, rules love. The gentleness and emotional sides of motherhood are her domain. Growth is embodied in the fields of grain beneath her feet. The grain sustains and supports human life. The Empress is, in this way, an expression of mother Earth. In some instances, she can indicate a pending marriage, or herald the arrival of motherhood.

The Empress teaches you to use loving, caring ways to accomplish your goals without losing your power. You must put your heart and soul into your undertakings, and cultivate your talents, but retain your control over the situation. Do not let yourself become either too easily swayed or too inflexible. Above all, you are the best barometer of what is right for you. Use your judgement.

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