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Temperance is the fifteenth card in the Major Arcana, and is given the number 14 to indicate that the Magician (1) has now learned to combine each of the four physical elements (4), to achieve balance. An angelic figure stands with one foot on land and one on the water, pouring liquid at an impossible angle from one cup to another with ease. This entity has integrated the emotional, spiritual, subconscious realm symbolized by the water with the physical, practical, conscious realm symbolized by the earth. The balancing act with the cups and the liquid denotes the ability to juggle situations fluidly, making it look effortless...though others may wonder how it is done! The bright sun in the distance and the planetary sigil for the Sun on the angel’s brow indicate a positive, promising outlook.

Temperance indicates a need for moderation in your present situation. To bring things back into balance, you must seek common ground with those involved, and rather than react defensively, act calmly. Speak your truth evenly, without too much anger (fire), without being too wishy-washy (water). Rather than taking off in an uncharted direction that can take you far off course, follow the road through the center. It gives you plenty of choices to bear left or right when necessary, but keeps you close to the safety of the well-worn path. Temperance can be a warning to slow down, or simply to stop. This may include indulgences, vices, and bad habits. Temperance urges you to rethink and re-evaluate your position in the present situation, and reminds you to ground and center yourself.

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