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Aurora A. Brosnahan


Aurora has read for thousands of clients worldwide for over 3 decades and is accurate, fast, enlightened and experienced.

Aurora's skills and specialities include:

• Excellent reviews
• Large global clientele
• 35 years' experience
• Code of spiritual ethics
• Clairvoyant, Clairaudient
• Claircognisant, Clairsentient, Clair tangent
• Empath
• Psychic channel
• Future predictions
• Psychic medium (evidential mediumship) for passed loved ones
• Expert Tarot reader
• Love, partnerships and relationships intuitive
• Pet psychic for lost, missing, deceased pets
• Animal communicator
• Health and medical intuitive
• Remote viewer
• Intuitive astrologer
• Numerologist
• Akashic records reader
• Kabbalah Reader
• Crystal stones intuitive
• Psychic life coach
• Angel intuitive
• Ascended master intuitive
• Colour ray therapy
• Chakra balancing

Aurora gives honest, intelligent readings for clients who want substance, accuracy, detail, quality & solid real answers. Aurora has been multiple tested as a psychic medium, is screened and approved by some of the biggest names in the global psychic industry.

Aurora is known as the 'psychic's psychic' as many of her peers return to her again and again for readings.

Aurora can give you a reading about virtually any love, life, career, business, family, health or other important issue in your life or on any spiritual or soul path matter.

All she needs to read for you is your voice, your name, your questions for the reading and for you to be trusting and receptive to her own original and unique process of reading for you. Aurora can hear, see, feel and know your situation by using her clair-senses and clair-abilities. Aurora knows what has been said, felt, done, expressed by you or the person or situation you may be inquiring about.

She works in a psychically channelled forensic manner with her clair-abilities, searching out information for you from Spirit and strives to be accurate with her readings.

Aurora can provide you with evidence, future timings, accurate predictions, past, present, future clarity by tuning into emotions, thoughts, feelings, actions, speech and situations.

Aurora is also a pet psychic and animal communicator and can help with lost and missing pets and connect with sick or passed over pets as she is a remote viewing psychic with a telepathic connection to animals and people.

Aurora is also very skilled as a Tarot reader, is telepathic and a remote viewer, a soul path, karmic & past life reader & psychic numerologist, Kabbalah reader, an ascended master & angel reader, medical intuitive, crystal, chakra, light energy, colour ray, aura and energy intuitive.

Aurora is a natural psychic medium channel for Spirit messages, psychic protection & energy healing, an ancient wisdom oracle, weaving divine Light positive powerful energy with the law of attraction and other spiritual laws for her clients.

If Aurora is not logged onto Click4Advisor, please send her a message via Click4Advisor asking her to let you know her next available times.


Education and Experience
Bachelor Degree BA

Aurora A. Brosnahan is available ... and ready to take your call!
$4.99/min - First Time Callers get 3 Minutes Free!*

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