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Lecia provides excellent insight into your situation and needs, through the use of Tarot, remote viewing, psychic intuition, and energy reading. She will give you an Action Plan towards your goals in your life. She will get to the heart of the matter, to best guide you, revealing blocks in your psyche and your energy body. She can interpret your dreams to reveal what your Higher Self is trying to teach you. She will tell you about your spiritual guides and guardians. She listens with empathy and compassion. If there is a guiding spirit that has a message for you she will channel that message. Finally, Lecia gives practical advice but also simple and safe rituals YOU can do to take control of your destiny!

Education and Experience
Lecia was a psychic child and understood energy and manifestation intuitively at a young age. At age 4 she was struck by an electrical current from lighting striking her house and had an out of body experience that opened her mind to the spiritual planes of existence. She became aware of spirits who guided her and protected her. She began studying the occult as an adult in 1998 and is an expert in the arts of transformational magick and spellcasting for positive change and spiritual growth. She is a remote viewer, empath, lucid dreamer, astral traveller, and channel.

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