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Anna Mitchell


Anna is a gifted psychic tarot card reader with over 15 years experience. She specializes in love, finances, and family. Anna's psychic tarot readings will see into your past, present, and future, and will answer all questions accurately and honestly. Anna will not waste your time or your money - you have questions, you deserve answers! The answers you need and the advice you seek is just a phone call away.

Education and Experience
Over 15 years professional experience as a fourth-generation gifted psychic, Anna's gift has been passed down through many generations of her family's genealogy. She has a private practice where she has been performing psychic readings for many years. Her business is currently well-established in the state of New Jersey.
Anna can see past the confusion in your life, giving you the answers to the questions in your mind.
Anna can give you the guidance and advice
you need to move past the confusion.
together you can Connect with your spirit guides and unlock the mystery of what your future holds.
Stop wasting precious time in your life wondering what the future holds,
get answers now.
One reading will answer your questions and give you the peace of mind you seek!
Contact Anna today for a consultation.
unclock the mystery of what tomorrow brings, find out what has been written in the starts for you.

Anna Mitchell is unavailable ... but you can arrange a call back!
$2.99/min - First Time Callers get 3 Minutes Free!*

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* Free minutes available only to First-time Click4Advisor users.


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