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Emie Holland


Emie uses multiple guides, tarot, and physic intuition to give you the answers you seek. She possesses an uncanny ability to tune into her clients to see where karmic, and personal blockages may exist. She sees the client for who they are (past, present, future) and connects with them on a cosmic level. Emie has a blatant approach to her guidance and enjoys aiding in growth and clarity for her clients. Her psychic ability to provide you with the answers you seek allows clients to approach life situations in a manner that create happiness and growth for the benefit of all.

Her experience in tarot and astrology have aided her intuition to hone in on true wants and needs of the client. As a Scorpio born woman, she is a natural intuitive which allows her to guide honestly and deliberately. She believes in working with the holistically with her clients. Clients describe her as honest, intense, caring, and amazing.

Education and Experience
Emie Holland is trained in Astrology, Tarot, Hermetic Practices, Life Coaching, Psychology, Herbology, Reiki and Aromatherapy.

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